Dedicated to giving back to our homeless brothers and sisters of Baltimore City.


About HomeBound

The mission of HomeBound is to support our brothers and sisters who are currently homeless, on their mission to becoming 'Home Bound'. HomeBound was originally created in 2015 to create temporary, transitional and permanent housing for the homeless in Baltimore City. During the early stages of creating the organization, we decided to start to give back to the community that we intended to serve, by way of clothing drives, toy drives, pizza parties and distribution of "Blessing Bags", which are hygiene kits, to those who were homeless in the community. HomeBound has a newfound mission of assisting our brothers and sisters in need on their journey of being "on their way home" (gaining housing).  

Through our work in the community, we have fed, clothed and provided blessing bags for over 300 people! We are passionate about lending a hand to our fellow brothers and sisters and we believe that it is our purpose to give back. We believe that we must past the blessings on to others to assist them on their journey of life. 

Currently HomeBound is in the process of creating Loads of Love, a mobile laundry truck for the homeless. Check out the Loads of Love page for more info!




"Yes, well I really hope I can make a difference, even in the smallest way. I am looking forward to helping as much as I can."

Kate Middleton |  Duchess of Cambridge 

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